The feeling you hear
The feeling you hear

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Grex Musicus


Sat 23rd October 2021 at 6pm

Helsingin Kulttuuritalo

Grex Musicus

Grex is something different from what you might expect of a choir. Grex Musicus is composed of a couple of dozen pro-level, versatile singers with personality and their musical leader Marjukka Riihimäki. This includes singers of multiple styles, singer-songwriters, and excellent instrumentalists. These individuals’ personal sounds and styles have been honed into a cohesive whole. Grex’s sound is inimitable.

The versatile composition of the group can also be heard in the versatility of the music. Grex’s repertoire ranges from modern to popular to classical music, and from traditional Finnish folk music to Argentinian tangos.

In the recent years, Grex’s performance venues have included a Monégasque cathedral, a Finnish ski jumping hill, the Helsinki Olympic Stadium and Argentinian rowing clubs.

Established in 1991, Grex is passionate about not only high-class music and singing, but also memorable concerts that touch the audience. For that reason a fine-tuned technical performance is not enough and that is why Grex does not settle with delivering quality a cappella music. Grex delivers feelings, experiences and encounters.

With emotion and skill. See us live and hear for yourself.


Grex Musicus – The feeling you hear

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Sing Around The gloBe - Earth Song by Frank Ticheli (Virtual Choir)

“Despite the geographical distance that separates the choirs, 167 singers from a total of 21 award-winning choirs have joined together to perform Frank Ticheli’s “Earth Song”, a song that prays for harmony and peace in times of darkness and conflict.”

Sing Around The gloBe – Earth Song by Frank Ticheli (Virtual Choir)

Our first music video was filmed in Suomenlinna in August 2013.

Composer: Peder Karlsson
Production of the video: Luomustudio Productions
Directer: Lauri Koivusalo
Producers: Joonas Keronen, Lauri Halavaara