Grex is something different from what you might expect of a choir. Grex Musicus is composed of versatile, pro-level singers with personality. Led by the legendary Marjukka Riihimäki, these individuals’ personal sounds and styles have been honed into a cohesive whole. Grex’s sound is inimitable.

The distinct composition of the group can also be heard in the versatility of the music. Grex’s repertoire ranges from modern to popular to classical music and from traditional Finnish folk music to Argentinian tangos.

In the recent years, Grex’s performance venues have included a Monégasque cathedral, Lahti ski jumping hill, the Presidential Palace of Finland, Helsinki Olympic Stadium and Argentinian rowing clubs.

Established in 1991, Grex is passionate about not only singing and high-class music, but also memorable concerts that touch the audience. For that reason a fine-tuned technical performance is not enough and that is why Grex does not settle with delivering quality a cappella music. Grex delivers feelings, experiences and encounters.

With emotion and skill. See us live and hear for yourself.


Marjukka Riihimäki graduated from the Sibelius Academy with a music teacher degree in 1972. During 1982-2012 she acted as a choir conductor in the Sibelius Upper Secondary School in Helsinki.

In 1991, Marjukka established the chamber choir Grex Musicus. She has crafted Grex Musicus into a group which is distinctive by style and tone, and when performing, reacts to its leader’s radiating conducting style and gets praise for a visible passion for making music.

Grex Musicus has travelled around the globe under Marjukka’s leadership, e.g. to Latvia, South Africa and Cuba, and gained unforgettable musical experiences. The choir’s latest voyage was directed to France and Monaco in December 2019.

In addition to Grex Musicus, Marjukka conducts the Philomela choir and also enjoys working with the elderly at the Wilhelmiina service home.

Marjukka Riihimäki is the only choir conductor to win the Grand Prix prize of the international Tampereen Sävel choir review twice: in 2001 with Philomela and 2005 with Grex Musicus. She was awarded the honorary title “musiikkineuvos” (“musical council”) in 2009. She was selected Choir Conductor of the Year in 2006, in addition to which she has been granted the Kekrinpäivä Recognition Award of Kalevalaseura (2005), the Klemetti Award and the award of The Finnish Cultural Foundation (1994).


The milestones present some of the highlights from our journey, but if you want learn more about us and our experience, please contact our president.


Christmas Concert at the Saint-Charles Church of Monaco

Grex Musicus had the honor of performing with the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra in the incredible acoustics of a Monégasque church.

Cheek - Valot Sammuu

Grex has taken us to several extraordinary venues. In 2018, Grex joined Cheek for the rap artist’s final concert at Lahti Ski Jumping Hill.


Grex Musicus performed at the church of Suomenlinna prior to the choir competition in Latvia. Julia Sand from street art collective G-Rex performed live video art at the concert.

International Baltic sea choir competition

Grex Musicus participated for four days at the International Baltic sea choir competition in Latvia, where Grex ranked 6th.

Ennio Morricone The 60 Years of Music Tour – Live in Helsinki

Cheek – Helsinki Olympic stadium


Our first music video was filmed in Suomenlinna in August 2013.

Composer: Peder Karlsson
Production of the video: Luomustudio Productions
Directer: Lauri Koivusalo
Producers: Joonas Keronen, Lauri Halavaara


Second music video by Grex Musicus is called Meri, and it was made in May 2014.

Composer: Virpi Eroma
Text: V.A. Koskenniemi
Solo: Hanna Ollikainen
Production of the video: Luomustudio Productions
Director: Juuso Virtanen
Producers: Taneli Kainulainen

Special thanks to:
Hannu ja Marja Ollikainen
Ella Sytelä
Sininen Kahvila,
Cafe Piritta,
Miina Sillanpään Säätiö – Asumispalvelukeskus Wilhelmiina,
Ritva Salmenkivi